MICHAEL SPIERER is a creative and operational leader with over 20 years of entertainment industry experience. In his roles as Executive Producer, Network Vice President for Programming and Acquisitions, Development Executive and Writer, he helmed numerous unscripted and digital content projects for Viacom, BET, Reelz, A&E, ThinkHouse Media, and numerous digital platforms. Known as a tastemaker with his finger on the pop culture pulse, Mike’s results speak for themselves. 


Mike has worked extensively with high-profile talent including Leonard Nimoy, Will Ferrell, Christopher Lloyd, Lil Jon, and LMFAO. His in-depth knowledge of development, business management, and production has earned him many accolades in scripted, variety, unscripted, promotions, and radio, where he has excelled at being a creative problem-solver, multi-tasker, cost-cutter, discreet liaison for A-List talent, and expert manager to hundreds of employees. With over 200 hours as a producer, Mike is a true pioneer in multi-platform content. 


During his 13-year tenure at Playboy TV, Mike oversaw the Programming, Development, On-Air Acquisitions, VOD, and Radio departments. He created and oversaw creative for 8 TV networks and was responsible for multi-million-dollar budgets. He increased programming hours by 50% and fueled 500% growth via viral and social media strategies.


Before his time at Playboy, Mike worked in television and film production at Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Pictures and on many series and pilots, including Clueless and A Night at the Roxbury.


Mike’s career experience across all facets of the industry have led to meaningful relationships with with studios, networks, production companies, agencies, publicists, managers, and talent.


In 2015, Mike joined forces with childhood friend and television powerhouse, Brent Zacky, and became an Executive Producer at Ashley Oaks Media. There, he has developed projects for BET, Z-Living, Hasbro, Reelz Channel, Content Media group, and Chicken Soup for the Soul. AO Media is currently in production on Cover Story, GSN’s hit documentary series that peels back the curtain on famous and infamous moments of game show history – from the highlights to the scandals.


Whatever the project, Mike’s creative ingenuity, production finesse, forward-thinking business savvy, multi-platform knowledge, deep relationships across many facets of the entertainment industry, expertise in music, tech, and pop culture, and mastery of content cost-cutting and repurposing, make him a true asset to every new venture.


Mike is a proud and active member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, two children, and canine companion, Jack.

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